Special Thanks

We will like to express our gratitude to Yale-NUS and The Future Of Our Pasts Festival, led by Prof Tan Tai Yong, for trusting and supporting us in conceptualising and creating Sarong Party.

The Festival team was ably led by Ms Yap Zhi Wen and Ms Tan Li Jen, who have been with us at every step of this journey, assisting us in the administrative, financial, marketing, and logistical aspects of this production, and thereby bringing our music to new audiences. Their tireless efforts in engaging professors and industry experts in various fields to workshop our ideas proved invaluable in the realisation of this work. By extension, we would also like to thank everyone who has contributed intellectually, academically, and artistically to our creation process. The TFOOP team has been magnanimous with their time and efforts, and in particular we would like to highlight Mr. Hazeem who handled the biggest logistical monster of ticketing and registration. Gratitude goes out as well to TFOOP volunteers, Warren Liow, Linus Tan, Toh Jun Jie, Joshua Lim, Dahril Haqim, Ily Dhaniah, Althea Rae Chan, Charmaine, Noelle Phan, Thea Fan and Kai Rene Tan, for helping with Front of House duties.

We are able to stage this at LaSalle College of the Arts in huge part because of Mr Dirk Stromberg. His immense experience and expertise in running the show, and his leadership of the sound and production team, Loges, Shah and Syazia, gave Sarong Party a technical dimension beyond which we could not have imagined at the outset. We would further like to thank Mr Patrick Wong and all technical personnel and crew who have helped in one way or another in setting up the space for performance. Special mention to Mr Benny Lim of Singapore Drum Shop, for providing the range of Paiste cymbals you hear at the show.

We would also like to thank Ms Tricia Low and the rest of the RICE team for handling the communications for the TFOOP Festival at large, but also for guiding us through media interviews and ensuring we come across as something other than the idiots we probably.

We would further like to thank Mr Kok Wei Liang and Mr Yau Ching Lee, for lending their creative talents to this production, in writing The Serpent’s Sermon and other additional texts, and penning the lyrics for Rafflesia Arnold II respectively.

We must show our appreciation to Ms. Lim Hui Shan for going out of her way to coordinate our excessive combined rehearsals and securing venues for us.