About Sarong Party

Coat of arms

“Sarong Party” is characteristically puerile MadHatter wordplay. Most Singaporeans wouldn’t need an explanation on the derogatory term “sarong party girl”, but a non-controversial definition would probably describe a person of the female gender who has a bias towards Western men in romantic and sexual matters.

In this upcoming production, therefore, we will be taking a look at post-independence Singapore’s continued love affair with some of its colonial legacies and how these form the basis of many contemporary power structures and power relationships. To fulfil the pun completely, we will stage it in the guise of a party and you, the audience, are invited to this soiree as party guests.

In our logo for Sarong Party, we have played with the concept of having a coat of arms, complete with a crown and a ridiculous Latin motto, not unlike many organisations that look to appropriate some grandeur through this imperial symbology. In it, there are 5 topics represented, and the performance of Sarong Party revolves around these themes – borders, language, botany, laws and legislations, and the name of Raffles.